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Are you a visionary nonprofit leader who wants to scale, but doesn’t have the operational structure, executive capacity, and culture needed to do so?

We can help you get where you want to go.

The Trellis Partners Term Executive® excels at partnering with organizations like yours to establish the infrastructure needed to scale and maximize impact: strong leadership at all levels, an inclusive culture, and effective, integrated core functions — strategy, programs, funding, human resources, finance, and administration.

We would love to hear about your nonprofit and what you want to achieve.

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We Drive Results

Our clients have ambitious goals and want to set up their organizations for sustainable growth and impact. Here is how we helped a recent client do so:

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By the Numbers
By the Numbers

Our Distinctive Change Management Process

Trellis Partners’ Term Executive process encompasses the following:


Bring focus to areas of weakness in organizations experiencing rapid change or growth

Strategy and Program Effectiveness
Strategy and Program Effectiveness

Help organizations clarify strategy and align resources with goals and strategic objectives


Establish or improve operational systems


Help create a culture that embraces DEI, and enables psychological safety and workplace well-being


Develop leaders and managers who provide clear direction and effective staff support


Ensure that staff, systems, resources, and leadership required for growth are in place

Why Choose Trellis Partners

The Term Executive model® is distinctive in three significant ways. Our Term Executives:

  • are invested in holistic, systemic change that builds resilient organizations;
  • embed with your organization for 9-24 months working side-by-side staff to create the infrastructure needed to scale; and
  • don’t leave until you are set up for next-level excellence.

The Nonprofit Term Executive® brings a unique skill set that positions them to excel as change agents:

  • We have coached dozens of CEOs in bringing their big vision to fruition.
  • As previous nonprofit leaders with decades of experience, we understand the evolution of organizations and have expertise in everything from organization development to finance.
  • We know what organizations need to do in each phase of development and how they need to do it—and we partner with staff to make it happen.

We revel in making sense of complexity and helping our client organizations soar.

We are not like consultants who work on a short-term project and produce a set of recommendations.  Instead, we engage as dedicated partners who both develop recommendations and work with you to effectively implement them.  Term Executives serve in a COO or other leadership role, enabling the creation of sustainable, organization-wide systems and an intentional culture that are the foundation of a resilient organization.

The Term Executive Difference

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More About the Term Executive

“The Term Executive is outstanding at creating the structure to help organizations flourish on their own.”

- Julie Dyer, Chief Operating Officer, Friends of the Earth

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