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For the social sector to thrive, your organization has to be on solid ground.

Nonprofit organizations are among society’s best hopes for bringing about a more just world.

The term executive model leads nonprofits to operate as efficiently and effectively as they can.

Even in the best of circumstances, nonprofits + social enterprises face complex challenges.

  • Balancing your forward-thinking mission with day-to-day operations
  • Maintaining resilience as funding fluctuates
  • Building internal systems that advance program impact
  • Practicing planning while staying open to new opportunities
  • Responding to stakeholders while staying true to the integrity of your mission

The regular challenges are enough without the storms and conditions that make it hard to grow.

The Trellis team of term executives helps stabilize, strengthen, and scale your nonprofit so your mission can flourish.

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Where We Thrive

Your change efforts don’t take root? Ready to grow but don’t have the infrastructure? Just starting up and want to build something sustainable?
We can help.

The Trellis team has seen all types of growth and change in the nonprofit sector. We’re no strangers to newness, instability, discomfort, or disruption.

In fact, it’s where we thrive.
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How We Work

Not your average change management consultants.

Growth is necessary. Change is inevitable. Plain and simple: The current short-term consultant model, while essential for discrete projects, does not adequately enable and institutionalize sustainable growth or systemic change on its own.

At Trellis Partners, we’re:




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