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Nonprofit organizations help create a more just world.

Each nonprofit must be strong, stable, and ready to scale — even while the demands on it are great.

In order to scale impact, mission-driven organizations need expertise and capacity to manage complexity.

Trellis Partners offers a suite of services to enable your organization to achieve that resilience.

We facilitate executive transition + onboarding to maximize the opportunities afforded by succession and growth. We provide planning + capacity coaching that result in custom tools to support mission delivery. As interim executives, we rapidly engage temporary executive capacity. And our signature term executive model® brings the dedicated, day-to-day engagement essential for learning organizational practices for the future.

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Where We Thrive

Improvement efforts don’t take root? Ready to grow but don’t have the infrastructure? Just starting up and want to build something sustainable?
We can help.

The Trellis team has seen all types of growth and change in the nonprofit sector. We’re no strangers to newness, instability, discomfort, or disruption.

In fact, it’s where we thrive.
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How We Work

Trellis Partners grows nonprofit resilience and resilient nonprofits. We help teams create conditions for ongoing organizational effectiveness. How can we help you?