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Term Executive Services

Customized Nonprofit Management and Leadership Solutions that Drive Impact

Trellis Partners Term Executives are committed to partnering with you to establish the resilient infrastructure that will allow your organization to grow and expand mission impact. We work closely with you through an assessment, development of new systems and practices, and scaling – serving as COO or in another senior leadership role full time, on-site four days a week for up to two years. Our work is done when recommendations have been effectively implemented and your organization is successfully scaling.

Our Change Management Approach

Our Term Executives focus on the following functions and services:

  • stabilizing organizations experiencing rapid change
  • clarifying strategy
  • building operational systems
  • fostering an inclusive culture
  • developing leaders
  • ensuring organizations are set up to scale
Elevator Pitch Infographic
Elevator Pitch Infographic

The Term Executive’s work is grounded in a holistic approach — integrating program design, leadership, management, planning, culture, and business systems — developed and tested over 20 years with nonprofits by Trellis Partners Founder and CEO Anna Prow. We customize solutions, using a deep toolbox including workshops, activities, resources, and templates, to address each organization’s needs. This approach leads to integrated solutions designed for long-term sustainability.

Read more about our approach in our Theory of Change.

We would love to talk with you about your organization’s goals and needs.

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Outcomes You Can Count On

Transformational results in strategy, leadership, operations, programs, and culture

The following are typical outcomes of a Term Executive engagement of up to 24 months:

  • Clarity of organizational mission, vision, and strategy
  • Alignment between organizational goals and programs
  • Program plans at organizational, team, and individual levels
  • Tools and decision-making processes to assess new program opportunities
  • Monitoring and evaluation process that strengthens impact
  • Best-fit business, financial, knowledge management, and IT systems and practices
  • Effective core functions: human resources, IT, operations, communications, and development that align with strategy
  • Risk mitigation resources and policies
  • Facilities, IT, and equipment to meet organization’s current and future needs
  • A shared understanding of organizational mission, vision, goals, and values
  • Practices and procedures that foster DEI, justice, and psychological safety
  • Communications that help with clarity, alignment, transparency, and due diligence
  • Practices that encourage ongoing learning among staff
  • Aligned and purposeful executive/senior team
  • Clearly defined expectations of managers and directors
  • Effective decision-making and management practices
  • Engaged, accountable leaders who champion equity and workplace well-being

How Prepared is Your Organization to Sustainably Scale?

Take our Organizational Resilience Questionnaire to learn how well positioned your organization is for growth. We’ll interpret your results and provide a free consultation on what you might need to strengthen your nonprofit organization and scale.

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“The Term Executive model provides the short-term interjection of expertise in an organization at a critical stage of its development.”

- Trevor Potter, President, Campaign Legal Center

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