Why it works

Trellis Partners term executives work with some of the pre-eminent social sector founders and leaders to strengthen and ready their organizations for next-level excellence. We understand and support their unique needs, and speak fluently with CEOs and board members, as well as all staff and stakeholders.

The Trellis Partners term executive is firmly embedded on the nonprofit executive team — in a position to affect, monitor, correct, and lead deeply-rooted change that is truly acculturated. We utilize a systems approach that factors for how each piece of the system impacts others and leaves no department untouched or surprised upon completion.

Finally, here at Trellis Partners, we’re a cohort. The Trellis approach orients, onboards, and trains our cohort to operate from a place of shared understanding. We advise and support each other so that each of the nonprofits with which we partner has indirect access to our entire brain trust.

Download How Term Executives Deliver Results for details (PDF)